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Welcome to GROVEWELL’s Webpage for IDP Coaches

GROVEWELL is the sole provider, worldwide, of coaching for every participant in Johnson & Johnson's International Development Program (IDP) GROVEWELL's relationship with J&J’s IDP Office dates from 1996, and our role as exclusive global provider dates from the early 2000s.

This webpage is for GROVEWELL's coaches around the world who are delivering coaching to IDP participants (often referred to as "IDPs"). Many of your routine questions will be answered here.

You're encouraged to contact us at any time with your questions or concerns – or to tell us about a special success that you've had with an IDP!

Here are the GROVEWELL people whom you may contact at any time:

  • Contact Willa at willa@grovewell.com if you have questions about coaching process, approach, problems, special challenges, quality, and cross-cultural factors.
  • Contact Josephine at josephine@grovewell.com if you have questions about the IDP and/or family, scheduling, forms or materials, or our Cancellation Policy.
  • Contact Clark at clark@grovewell.com if you have questions about logistical support, missing materials that were FedExed to you, invoicing, and payments.
  • Contact Cornelius at cornelius@grovewell.com if you have questions about policies, procedures, GROVEWELL’s relationship with J&J, or complaints of any kind.

This webpage answers the questions Who?, When?, Where?, Why?, How?, and the major question: What?

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  • For answers to “When?” questions, click here
  • For answers to “Where?” questions, click here
  • For answers to “Why?” questions, click here
  • For answers to “How?” questions, click here
  • For answers to “What?” questions re Cross-Cultural Adaptation Coaching, click here
  • For answers to “What?” questions re Global Leadership Coaching, click here



The players in GROVEWELL's delivery of services globally to J&J’s IDP Office are...

You, the coach. No one is more important than you for the success of GROVEWELL's service delivery to the IDP Office, and to the IDPs themselves. You were chosen to coach IDPs because of your international background, your global mindset, and your long experience as a coach – and because we find you to be a warm, empathetic human being. All the rest of us are in place to support you!

Josephine Venton-Gough. Josephine is GROVEWELL’s IDP Coordinator. You'll probably have more contact with Josephine than anyone else on our team. Josephine is the first GROVEWELL person to be in contact with the IDP, and she's the one who contacts you with an assignment and tells you what she's learned about the IDP coachee and his or her family. She also schedules your first coaching session and plays a continuing role as your coaching progresses. Finally, Josephine makes certain that each IDP acknowledges receipt of GROVEWELL's Cancellation / Change-of-Date Policy.

Willa Zakin Hallowell. Willa is one of GROVEWELL's two partners. Willa is the one who insures that all of GROVEWELL's coaching is highly effective. Any issue or challenge that you encounter regarding the actual delivery of coaching should be brought to Willa's attention.

Clark Fidelia. Clark is GROVEWELL's manager. Clark receives your invoices and prepares GROVEWELL's invoices to J&J. Clark FedExes materials to you, and is available to assist you with logistical matters, such as airline, train, car, and/or hotel reservations related to your coaching of the IDP participant.

Cornelius Grove. Cornelius is GROVEWELL's managing partner. He’s the man in the background who makes sure that everything is running along smoothly. He is the webmaster and the one takes care of contractual issues with Johnson & Johnson.

Lisa Ries. Lisa is the Director of J&J’s IDP Office, and is based in New Jersey. She’s responsible for every IDP's professional development. Lisa is GROVEWELL's individual client. Willa, Josephine, Clark, and Cornelius work so collaboratively with Lisa and her team that we all view ourselves as members of a single team...which ultimately is Lisa's team. Within Johnson & Johnson itself, Lisa's two New Jersey-based team members are...

  • Juanita Gomez, who supports IDPs in Pharmaceuticals and Human Resources.
  • Elizabeth Shelley, who supports IDPs in Consumer, Medical Devices, and Finance.




Cross-Cultural Adaptation Coaching is intended to begin (1st half-day) before the IDP departs from his/her home country, and to continue (2nd half-day) after he/she arrives in the host country. Other arrangements will be necessary in some cases, including the possibility that this coaching will be delivered entirely in the host country (a full day).

Cross-Cultural Adaptation Coaching is for the IDP and (if any) his or her spouse or partner.

We also provide Youth Coaching in some countries for families with children between 5 and 18; this occurs separately from the adult's coaching.

The first coaching session, regardless of when and where it occurs, is scheduled by Josephine, GROVEWELL's IDP Coordinator, in consultation with the coach (you) and the IDP coachee.

J&J expects that Cross-Cultural Adaptation Coaching will be completed within four to six weeks after the IDP's arrival in the host culture.

Global Leadership Coaching (GLC) begins a few weeks after the IDP settles-in to the host country, community, and J&J facility to which he or she was assigned, and has received his or her Cross-Cultural Adaptation Coaching. In almost all cases, all GLC coaching sessions are scheduled by you in collaboration with your IDP coachee.

J&J expects Global Leadership Coaching to be completed ten to twelve months after the start of the IDP's assignment in the host culture.

IMPORTANT: As soon as you complete a GLC coaching session, tell Josephine. GROVEWELL needs to know both the date of the session and the number of hours: 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, etc. Why do we need this up-to-date information? Two reasons:

  1. The IDP Office maintains a "tracking tool," a database on which the progress of each IDP is recorded. One of Josephine and Clark's responsibilities every month is to insert up-to-date information in the tracking tool about each IDP's coaching progress.
  2. GROVEWELL bills J&J by the hour, and GROVEWELL pays you by the hour. Josephine and Clark maintain meticulous records of the date and duration of each IDP coaching engagement. All this detailed information is necessary for accurate invoicing and paying.

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

GROVEWELL’s Cancellation / Change-of-Date Policy

This is an important policy intended to protect your ability to earn a living as an independent consultant. To read this one-page policy, please click here.

As GROVEWELL's coach, your responsibility is as follows:
If your coachee asks you, within 72 hours prior to your scheduled start time (business days only), to cancel or change the date/time of the session for any reason…

  • Remind the coachee of this policy. Try to persuade him or her to maintain the original plan. Explain that the hours will be lost; they cannot be replaced.
  • If your coachee cannot or will not maintain the original plan, reply that you will be informing GROVEWELL of that fact. Then go ahead and schedule a new meeting date/time with the coachee. Note that you are not scheduling a replacement meeting, but rather a new meeting.
  • Inform Josephine of the cancellation or change-of-date, and of the number of hours (1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, etc.) that you would have spent delivering the now-cancelled session. You will be paid as though you had delivered those hours...so don’t forget to invoice us!



Cross-Cultural Adaptation Coaching sessions, whether in the IDP’s home or host country, virtually always occur in the IDP's own home. If the IDP has a spouse or partner, she or he is expected to actively participate in these cross-cultural coaching sessions.

GROVEWELL expects Cross-Cultural Adaptation Coaching to occur face-to-face.

Global Leadership Coaching (GLC) sessions may occur in the IDP's home or office. (If occurring in the home, the spouse or partner does not participate.) Any location is acceptable so long as it is quiet, free of interruptions, and mutually convenient for you and your coachee.

GROVEWELL expects GLC coaching to occur face-to-face. However, it is recognized that some IDPs travel extensively for J&J, and that occasionally it will be necessary to conduct a virtual GLC session.



Johnson & Johnson needs leaders who are globally adept and agile throughout the organization at all levels and in all J&J units. One of the ways in which J&J attains this objective is by means of its International Development Program (IDP), which sends high-potential managers and executives to another nation to work in a different J&J facility for a period of time (usually 24 months).

In order to help IDP program participants to become increasingly skillful as leaders, and especially as global leaders, J&J expects each one to benefit from coaching provided by GROVEWELL. Our responsibility to the IDP Office is to enable each IDP participant, through coaching,...

  • to quickly regain, within the unfamiliar work environment, his or her customary high level of on-the-job performance, and...
  • to break through that level to attain accelerated growth as a highly effective corporate leader with a global mindset.

GROVEWELL works in very close collaboration with Lisa Ries, the Director of J&J’s IDP Office, who is responsible for the professional development of all IDPs worldwide. We likewise collaborate with the two IDP managers, Juanita Gomez and Elizabeth Shelley. Our collaboration with the IDP Office has been productive, effective, and warm since 1996. (Lisa Ries is the seventh IDP Director with whom we have worked; one of the previous directors is now a GROVEWELL IDP coach.)



  1. You will be notified of your selection to coach an IDP participant by Josephine Venton-Gough, GROVEWELL's IDP Coordinator. If necessary for any reason, you may decline this assignment.
  2. When Josephine contacts you, she will already have communicated in considerable length with the IDP by means of an "Intake Interview." Josephine will share with you in detail what she's learned about the IDP, the IDP’s family (if any), and about any particular challenges that the IDP and/or the family might be facing.
  3. After obtaining availability information from you and the IDP, Josephine will schedule your first face-to-face coaching session, which in most cases is Cross-Cultural Adaptability Coaching.
  4. At your earliest opportunity, make direct contact with your coachee to introduce yourself and begin establishing a warm relationship. Your self-introduction may include reference to your “Grovewellized” professional biography on our website at Grovewell.com/about-us/all-associates-biographies.
  5. When you have concluded your first coaching session – whether Cross-Cultural Adaptation Coaching or Global Leadership Coaching – inform Josephine immediately of the session's date and duration – 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 hours, half-day, or full day.
  6. It's your responsibility to collaborate with your coachee to schedule each and every subsequent coaching session. You need not inform Josephine in advance about the dates and times of your subsequent sessions.
  7. After each subsequent coaching session, inform Josephine without delay of the session's date and duration -- 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, or 2.5 hours.
  8. Please do not report session durations such as 1.75, 2.33, 3.25, etc. Please indicate durations using only full hours and half hours. Thank you.
  9. If your coachee asks on short notice to cancel or change the date/time of a scheduled session, be explicitly guided by GROVEWELL’s Cancellation / Change-of-Date Policy. For full information, click here.
  10. If you encounter difficulties or unusual circumstances during your coaching of the IDP, do not keep this to yourself! GROVEWELL collaborates with J&J's IDP Office in monitoring the personal and family welfare and professional growth of each IDP. Please do not delay in communicating unusual difficulties or concerns to both Willa and Josephine.
  11. Send your invoices to BOTH Josephine and Clark. You may use GROVEWELL's invoice form, or you may use your own invoice form, or you may simply put the details in an email. What we need to know are (A) the date of your coaching session(s), (B) the number of hours of each session, and (C) your itemized expenses, if any. Please do not send us your expense receipts.


What? – Cross-Cultural Adaptation Coaching

Cross-Cultural Adaptation Coaching (CCAC) has a total duration of about seven (7.0) hours. This coaching is delivered before Global Leadership Coaching (GLC) begins.

If the IDP is relocating with a spouse or partner, the latter is expected to be present and to actively participate during all of the CCAC coaching.

As often as possible, GROVEWELL’s plan for delivering CCAC is as follows:

  • Before the IDP departs from his/her home country, the first half-day of CCAC is delivered by a local GROVEWELL coach. See, below, additional details about the First Half Day.
  • After the IDP arrives in his/her host country, the second half-day of CCAC is delivered by a local GROVEWELL coach (the same coach who will subsequently deliver Global Leadership Coaching for this IDP). See, below, additional details about the Second Half Day.

Occasionally it’s not possible to follow the above plan. In this case, a full day of CCAC is delivered in the host country. This coaching may be delivered as one full day, or as two half days.

The First Half Day: When the coaching begins before the IDP departs from the home country, the first half-day focuses on aligning the expectations of the IDP and (if any) spouse or partner with the realities of living and working in the host country. This objective is accomplished as follows:

  • A GROVEWELL-developed Participant Manual is provided for the IDP, plus a second copy for his/her spouse or partner (if any), plus a third copy for you. This manual enhances their capacity to adapt to living in an unfamiliar culture, in particular their host culture. See, below, additional details about the Participant Manual.
  • Remind the IDP and spouse/partner to take the Participant Manual with them to the host country because they will use it again during the second half day of CCAC coaching.
  • GROVEWELL’s local coach usually is highly familiar, through recent personal experience, with the host country and its business and social cultures. But if a coach with deep host country experience is not available locally, then…
  • A “Host Country Resource Person,” someone highly familiar with the host country and its business and social cultures, works side-by-side with the coach throughout the first half-day.

Between the First and Second Half Days: Josephine contacts the first half day coach, requesting a brief summary of the coaching session: what was covered in general, which portions of the manual were used, did important issues or concerns arise, and so forth. Josephine forwards this summary to the second half day coach. She also includes the name and email address of the first half day coach, in case the second half day coach would like to follow-up.

The Second Half Day: If CCAC coaching began before the IDP departed from his/her home country, then the second half-day occurs after the IDP has arrived in the host country.

The focus of this second half-day is on introducing the host country, the local community, and especially the values and expectations of people within that country. Attention is given to the spouse or partner almost as much as it is to the IDP. GROVEWELL’s Participant Manual for this host country (which the IDP should have brought with him from home) is in use a second time.

If CCAC coaching did not begin before the IDP departed from his/her home country, then a full day of CCAC coaching occurs after the IDP has arrived in the host country. (All the Participant Manuals will be sent to you.) The second day may be delivered as one full day or as two half days.

The Participant Manual: Every country where IDPs are likely to be sent on assignment has a corresponding GROVEWELL-produced Participant Manual, which is spiral bound. Most manuals run 60 to 80 pages.

When a coach is assigned to deliver the First Day of CCAC, copies of the manual are FedExed to him or her by Clark Fidelia. The coach gives the manual to the IDP and, if there’s also a spouse or partner, a second copy to him or her.

Before the first time any GROVEWELL coach delivers CCAC, he or she will be FedExed a Participant Manual well in advance. Then Willa will discuss the manual and its use with the coach via telephone, Skype, or FaceTime. Normally, this manual review with Willa needs to occur only once.

More useful information about CCAC is available in the Where? and When? sections of this webpage.

What? – Cross-Cultural Coaching for Children

Cross-Cultural Adaptation Coaching also is provided for the children of IDP participants. We have provided hundreds of full day coachings for children between ages 5 and 18. This coaching may be provided…

  • before the family leaves its home country, or after it has arrived in the host country; and/or
  • before the family returns home or transitions to a new ("third") country, or after it has arrived there.

Each day of children’s coaching ends with the coach’s spending up to an hour with the parents in discussion about their child(ren) and their particular challenges.

In the United States, coaching for children – or “Youth Coaching” – is provided by Yuri Marder. For nearly two decades, Yuri’s coaching has been a popular and much appreciated feature of GROVEWELL’s services to inbound and outbound IDPs in the United States.

There are several other nations in which GROVEWELL is able to provide Youth Coaching. Some coaches have learned Yuri Marder’s methods and use his materials; other coaches are established expat children’s coaches using their own methods and materials.

For additional information, click here.

What? – End of Assignment Coaching

Coaching also is provided at the end of each IDP’s assignment. Like CCAC coaching at the start of an assignment, end-of-assignment coaching is intended for the spouse or partner (if any) as well as for the IDP. This coaching uses a GROVEWELL-created manual and comes in two varieties:

  • Repatriation Coaching is provided for IDPs returning to their home countries. This full day of coaching may be delivered during the final weeks of the IDP’s host country experience (preferred), or after the family has returned home.
  • Transition Coaching is provided for IDPs heading for an assignment in an unfamiliar country (“third country”). This full day of coaching may be delivered during the final weeks of the IDP’s host country experience (preferred), or after the family has arrived in the new country.

Please find opportunities to mention to your coachee the IDP Office’s expectation that each and every IDP will participate in either Repatriation or Transition Coaching.

Some expatriates assume that such coaching won’t be of much use. For a series of testimonials from IDPs about the value of this coaching, click here.

For more information about Repat & Transition coaching, click here.


What? – Global Leadership Coaching

Global Leadership Coaching (GLC) is the principal service delivered by GROVEWELL for Johnson & Johnson’s International Development Program. This service is purposefully structured, and each IDP’s progress is actively monitored. Please pay careful attention to the information below, and don’t hesitate to ask us for clarifications.

Global Leadership Coaching - GLC - begins after Cross-Cultural Adaptability Coaching ends. GLC always occurs in the IDP's host country.

Each IDP participant receives nine hours of Global Leadership Coaching. GROVEWELL’s coach also is expected to interview two or three (rarely, four) of the IDPs stakeholders, for which additional hours of pay are granted. Thus, each GLC coach delivers 11 or 12 (rarely, 13) hours of service.

12-Month Timeline: Click here for a 12-month time-line of the IDP coaching process.

The four components of our Global Leadership Coaching are:

  1. Early Focus Areas (EFA) Coaching Outline [link]
  2. Stakeholder Interviews [link]
  3. New process replacing the Coaching Development Plan [link]
  4. “Practices” for your coachee [link]

We also are providing you with information about J&J’s LEADERSHIP IMPERATIVES [link] because you might find them useful during your delivery of GLC coaching.

How are we - GROVEWELL and you - evaluated by the IDP Office on our delivery of Global Leadership Coaching?

During the first half of GLC, you and your IDP coachee will agree on two or three specific objectives for his or her professional development. When your GLC coaching ends, J&J's IDP Office gauge the extent to which your IDP attained those objectives.

How well we are evaluated is determined by the extent to which your IDP attained the objectives that you and he or she set.

1. Early Focus Areas (EFA) Coaching Outline

Early Focus Areas (EFAs) are part of the coaching process to insure that, even though the Stakeholder Interviews [link] cannot be quickly completed, each IDP’s Global Leadership Coaching will get off to a quick start. Also, the Early Focus Areas coaching outline provides the coachee's Manager in the IDP Office with an early understanding of where the coach and coachee are going to start focusing the coaching process.

During your first GLC coaching session, you and your IDP coachee need to identify TWO developmental areas to be focused on during your early coaching sessions.

There are four inputs to the identification of two Early Focus Areas:

  1. The IDP participant.
  2. The IDP’s Goals & Objectives for the assignment [see immediately below]
  3. The IDP’s Global Readiness Development Assessment (GRDA) or Global Competencies Inventory (GCI) [see below]
  4. You, the GROVEWELL coach

Goals & Objectives (G&Os): Each IDP should have a set of Goals & Objectives for the assignment. These might or might not be complete at the time of your first GLC session. Also, be aware that G&Os exists in a wide variety of formats. Therefore, we are not able here on this webpage to provide a sample G&O statement.

In many cases, you’ll receive a copy of your coachee’s Goals & Objectives from Josephine. Or you might need to ask the IDP for them. Please do your best to obtain your coachee's G&Os before – or at least during! – your first GLC coaching session.

Be sure to engage your IDP coachee in conversation about his/her Goals & Objectives. They are an important aid to the identification of Early Focus Areas.

Either the GRDA or the GCI: The GRDA and the GCI are being pilot-tested by the IDP Office. Currently, some IDPs are being asked to complete the GRDA, while others are being asked to complete the GCI.

A summary of your IDP's GRDA or GCI Feedback Report will be provided to you (and to the coachee) by the coachee's IDP Manager. Your copy of the summary will come from Josephine. You'll probably also receive a copy the of your coachee's complete Feedback Report. Be sure to engage your IDP coachee in a discussion about his or her Feedback Report; it provides useful input to the Early Focus Areas.

Here are brief overviews of, first, the GRDA, then the GCI.

Global Readiness Development Assessment (GRDA): Click here to see the cover of a sample GRDA Feedback Report. This Report is a document of 10 or 11 pages that reports the findings of an assessment carried out by Aperian Global. Assessed are Open-Mindedness, Empathy, Resilience, Curiosity, Self-Awareness, Humility, Sociability, Influencing, Communicating, Confidence, Flexibility, and Motivation.

Global Competencies Inventory (GCI): Click here to see the cover of a sample GCI Feedback Report. This Report is a document of 25 or 26 pages that reports the findings of an assessment carried out by Aperian Global. Assessed are Perception Management (five sub-dimensions), Relationship Management (five sub-dimensions), and Self-Management (six sub-dimensions).

Using GROVEWELL’s EFA template, outline the TWO - only TWO - Early Focus Areas that you and your coachee identify.

Why only two early focus areas? For a little background, click here, which will take you to a short memo about this from Willa to the IDP coaches.

Click here to see a blank Early Focus Areas template. [So that you can copy and use this template, it’s in Word format. Your computer might not go to it immediately, instead requiring a 2- or 3-step process.]

Click here to see Sample #1 of a completed EFA outline.

Click here to see Sample #2 of a completed EFA outline.

As soon as you complete the EFA template for your coachee, please send it to Josephine Venton-Gough. Please do this by the end of your second coaching session with your IDP coachee, sooner if possible.

2. Stakeholder Interviews

In support of each IDP's professional growth and development, the IDP Office expects GROVEWELL's coach to interview at least two individual "stakeholders":

  • The IDP's home country supervisor, sponsor, or mentor.
  • The IDP's host country supervisor, sponsor, or mentor.

It is common for an IDP to want to include a third stakeholder; this is permissible. For example, the third interviewee might be one of the IDP's business partners. In rare cases, a fourth stakeholder also is selected for interviewing.

Obtaining approval for your IDP's selections: Relay the names and functions of the two or three (or four) stakeholders to GROVEWELL's IDP Coordinator, Josephine, for approval. You can expect a quick response from Josephine. (The great majority are approved.)

Introducing the stakeholders to you, the coach: When Josephine has approved the IDP's choices, ask your IDP to send an email to each stakeholder explaining that part of every IDP's development process is global leadership coaching, and that the coaching is supported by stakeholder interviews conducted by the IDP's global leadership coach. The email should then introduce you, the coach, and state that soon you will be contacting each stakeholder to schedule an interview of about a half-hour's duration. Each email should be CCed to you. (They need not to be CCed to Josephine.)

Arranging and carrying out the interviews: You are expected to use email to schedule your interview with each stakeholder. Interviews may occur by telephone, Skype, FaceTime, Zoom - whatever is likely to work best.

If you find that a stakeholder is proving difficult to schedule in a timely way, regardless of the reason why, please inform Josephine.

Each time you complete a stakeholder interview, invoice GROVEWELL for one hour of service.

Sometimes the stakeholder interview process cannot be completed swiftly; in those cases, please proceed with your coaching.

Present in detail what you learned from your interviewees...and only from your interviewees. The Stakeholder Feedback Report (below) is not a place for you to provide your own feedback to your coachee. Of course, you may always provide your own feedback verbally, as appropriate, during coaching sessions.

Present what you learned from your interviews, but do not link any statement with any individual stakeholder. In other words, present everything anonymously.

Providing written feedback to your coachee: In this case, "feedback" refers to whatever you discovered from your stakeholder interviews. We suggest that you present this information in a “CONTINUE-START-STOP” format; our templates below are suitable for that format.

If you find that an alternative format works better for you, please feel free to use it. Of course, in this case you'll need to provide your own template.

Click here to see a blank Stakeholder Feedback Report template. [So that you can copy and use this template, it’s in Word format. Your computer might not go to it immediately, instead requiring a 2- or 3-step process.]

Click here to see a sample filled-in Stakeholder Feedback Report.

CONFIDENTIAL! A completed Stakeholder Feedback Report is a highly confidential document, intended to be seen only by you and your coachee. (If the coachee would like to show it to someone else, though, that’s acceptable.)

Procedure for providing feedback to your coachee: Please do NOT email to the coachee your completed Stakeholders' Feedback Report. Insure that the coachee's first acquaintance with the stakeholders' feedback occurs during a face-to-face coaching session.

Please proceed as follows: Hand a hard-copy of the completed Stakeholders' Feedback Report to your coachee. Give the coachee time to read it. Watch his or her reactions; answer questions that arise while the reading continues. Then, proceed with an open-ended discussion of the report's contents.

Later, and only upon the coachee's specific request, may you email your Stakeholders' Feedback Report to your coachee…and only to your coachee.

3. New Process Replacing the Coaching Development Plan

Effective immediately (February 2018), GROVEWELL’s IDP coaches are no longer expected to complete a Coaching Development Plan as part of their coaching process. Case by case exceptions are being made for coaches who are in the process of completing a CDP during March-April 2018.

The decision to replace the CDP was made jointly by J&J’s IDP Office and GROVEWELL. All of us shared the belief that the CDP, with its multiple little boxes into which designated types of information were to be inserted, was constraining and time-consuming for coach and coachee (and for GROVEWELL!), and was distracting from the highest goals of GLC coaching.

On the other hand, one of the basic missions of J&J’s IDP Office is to monitor and insure the global leadership development of each IDP participant, of which GROVEWELL’s coaching is an integral part. That mission necessitates the Office’s receiving information about each IDP’s progress towards that end. The new process preserves the Office’s access to such information.

The new process consists of three steps:

  1. Early Focus Areas Coaching Outline: Only one small change.
  2. Half-Way Goal-Alignment Check-In: Completely new.
  3. Summary of GLC Development Gains: Completely new.

Step 1: Early Focus Areas Coaching Outline:

The only change in the EFA instructions concerns the fact that the assessment completed by your IDP coachee might be either the Global Readiness Development Assessment (GRDA) or the Global Competencies Inventory (GCI). For details, click here.

Step 2: Half-Way Goal-Alignment Check-In:

About half-way through the nine hours of GLC coaching, you and your IDP coachee will collaborate on preparing responses to three questions. Note that the questions are addressed to the IDP coachee. The three questions are:

  1. How are you and your coach progressing with your EFAs?
  2. What actions have you taken so far to work on your focus areas?
  3. Is there anything that needs to be added or adjusted?

Click here to see a blank Half-Way Check-in template. [So that you can copy and use this template, it’s in Word format. Your computer might not go to it immediately, instead requiring a 2- or 3-step process.]

Here are three sample Half-Way Goal-Alignment Check-In submissions to the IDP Office. We have chosen these three because they are rather different from each other. All were acceptable.

  • Click here for the Half-Way Goal-Alignment Check-In for IDP J.C.
  • Click here for the Half-Way Goal-Alignment Check-In for IDP P.H.
  • Click here for the Half-Way Goal-Alignment Check-In for IDP C.A.

The coachee’s responses, jointly prepared by the two of you, should be sent to Josephine, who will send them on to Willa for review. If Willa has questions or concerns, she will get back to you. The responses are then forwarded to the coachee’s IDP Manager. We will contact you if the Manager has questions or concerns.

It is likely that the IDP Manager will have no questions or concerns. Therefore, please proceed with your GLC coaching.

We are not providing templates or samples of responses to these three questions (although we might in the future). The format of the questions is straightforward, so collaborate with your IDP coachee on three answers, then submit them to Josephine. That’s it!

Step 3: Summary of GLC Development Gains:

Near the end of your GLC coaching, you and your IDP coachee will collaborate on preparing a “Summary of GLC Development Gains” in terms of the gains or results that your coachee has attained through your GLC coaching. Please adhere to the following process:

Next-to-last coaching session: During your penultimate coaching session, you and your IDP coachee will discuss the extent to which the IDP has attained the goals identified in the EFA document, subject to any modifications that might have been made at the time of the Half-Way Goal Alignment Check-In.

Following the next-to-last coaching session: You or your coachee will draft the report entitled “Summary of GLC Development Gains.” Regardless of who prepares the initial draft, the report should be written in the “coachee’s voice” (so that the words “I” and “me” refer to your IDP coachee).

(Ideally, the coachee should draft this summary report. We are allowing for the possibility that you will draft this report simply because it might be more efficient for you to do so.)

Last coaching session: You and your coachee will review the draft Summary and make changes and additions as necessary. We expect you, the coach, to make the final changes following the last coaching session. Then send the “Summary of GLC Development Gains” to Josephine, who will forward it to Willa for review. If Willa has questions or concerns, she will get back to you. The responses are then forwarded to the coachee’s IDP Manager. We will contact you if the Manager has questions or concerns.

Click here for an example of one IDP’s “Summary of IDP Development Gains.”

Click here for another example of one IDP’s “Summary of IDP Development Gains.”

Webinar of 21 March 2018 on the new process replacing the Coaching Development Plan

To observe this webinar, click here: https://meet48281767.adobeconnect.com/pju1612n1t9v/

4. Practices for your coachee

GROVEWELL uses "Practices" to support each coachee's learning the HOW of Development Actions.

Practices are...

  • assignments that you provide to the IDP to help him or her learn to consistently exhibit Development Actions;
  • repeated activities or exercises that target the enhancement of specific awareness, knowledge, skill, and/or daily behaviors;
  • provided selectively to support and strengthen Development Actions; and
  • named but not described within the IDP's Coaching Development Plan.

Click here to see a 9-page discussion of practices including five detailed examples.


Johnson & Johnson has a formal statement of the competencies that are expected to be possessed by its global leaders. This set of competencies is known as the LEADERSHIP IMPERATIVES.

The LEADERSHIP IMPERATIVES apply to all J&J leaders worldwide. They are not particular to, nor customized for, International Development Program participants.

The Coaching Development Plan, which we abandoned in February 2018, was organized in reference to J&J’s LEADERSHIP IMPERATIVES. Our new replacement process does not reference them. Nevertheless, we’re providing information about the IMPERATIVES here because they are likely to be useful for you as you provide GLC coaching. For example, it’s useful for you to know that the LEADERSHIP IMPERATIVES probably provided the context within which your IDP's Goals & Objectives were originally formulated.

Click here to see a 2-page overview of J&J’s LEADERSHIP IMPERATIVES and its CREDO.

Click here to see a 2-page "Mid-Level Leader Success Profile" that is driven by the LEADERSHIP IMPERATIVES. This example is being made available because the majority of IDP participants qualify from J&J's point of view as "mid-level leaders."


Frequently Asked Questions

• How is a coach selected to work with a particular IDP?

Josephine becomes acquainted with each IDP and relays her findings, impressions, and coach-selection recommendations to Willa. Then Willa selects the coach, often with Cornelius’s input. In some cases, there is only one coach to select due to his or her geographical proximity to the IDP's location.

• Is an IDP ever allowed to select from among two or more available GROVEWELL coaches?

No. Coaches are assigned.

• May I decline an IDP coaching assignment?

Yes...but if you do this twice we'll be unlikely to think of you next time 'round.

• Will I be expected to write a report about the coaching I do with an IDP coachee?

No formal coaching report to GROVEWELL is required or expected. You are welcome to report informally to Josephine and/or Willa.

• Do the same confidentiality understandings govern IDP coaching as govern regular executive coaching?

Yes. GROVEWELL takes confidentiality very seriously, as does the IDP Office. But keep in mind that the IDP Office feels responsible for the personal and family welfare as well as the professional development of each IDP. We support the IDP Office in discharging that responsibility. You are our eyes and ears on-site with your IDP, so please do not delay in communicating unusual difficulties or concerns to both Willa and Josephine.

• Which documents arising from my IDP work are considered confidential?

1. The Stakeholders' Feedback Summary Report is extremely confidential, to be shared only between you and your coachee. Send this report to no one else.

2. The Half-Way Goal-Alignment Check-In is confidential, to be shared among six people: your coachee, you, Josephine, Willa and, in the IDP Office, both Lisa Ries and her manager who has responsibility for your coachee.

3. The Summary of GLC Development Gains is confidential, also to be shared among the six people named above.

• Does coaching ever occur in the IDP's home country?

Yes, but only a half day. It is intended that, whenever possible, the first half-day of Cross-Cultural Adaptability Coaching will occur "pre-departure" in the IDP's home country.

Global Leadership Coaching never occurs in the IDP's home country.

• Are more than nine hours of Global Leadership Coaching ever delivered to an IDP participant?

If there is evidence of a special need of some kind, nine hours may be exceeded. The case for extra coaching must be put forward by the IDP directly to his or her IDP manager (Juanita Gomez or Elizabeth Shelley). If the manager authorizes additional coaching hours, it's important that Josephine be informed.

If you believe that your IDP coachee needs more than nine hours of coaching, don't keep this to yourself! Share your observations with Willa and Josephine.

• May some Global Leadership Coaching occur by telephone, Skype, or FaceTime?

Yes, but only when it's determined that no other option is possible due to the constant travel of the IDP coachee.

• My IDP coachee is no longer responding to my e-mails or voicemails. What shall I do?

As soon a you sense that your IDP has become non-responsive, inform both Josephine and Willa. Do not wait a long time.

• My coachee seems unable or unwilling to give me his Goals & Objectives information, and/or his Global Readiness Development Assessment Report. What shall I do?

Inform Josephine about this right away.

• My IDP coachee and/or members of his family seem to be experiencing more and more difficulties. What shall I do?

It's important that you inform both Willa and Josephine about this.

• My IDP coachee does not want me to interview any of his or her stakeholders. What shall I do?

A small percentage of IDPs are completely unfamiliar with the idea of executive coaching. They might find it upsetting that you, a stranger, would have probing and revealing conversations about them with others who have authority over them. Do your best to explain the purpose and beneficial outcomes of executive coaching, and the valuable contribution that a stakeholder's input can have on this process.

If you're unable to convince your reluctant IDP, inform Josephine at once. By the way, the IDP Office concedes that, if an IDP remains adamant about not wanting any stakeholders interviewed, his or her request will be honored.

• What is the expected duration, in months, of a nine-hour GLC coaching engagement, including stakeholder interviews?

Until recently, the IDP Office had been hoping that engagements could be completed within six months. Now as many as twelve months are acceptable. For a detailed 12-month timeline, click here.

• Is any type of coaching provided to IDPs at the end of their IDP assignment?

Yes. At the end of an IDP’s engagement, each IDP family either returns to the home country, or is sent on assignment to a new host country (“third country”).

  • If the family is returning home, it is expected to benefit from “Repatriation Coaching” delivered by GROVEWELL.
  • If the family is moving on to a third country, it is expected to benefit from “Transition Coaching” delivered by GROVEWELL.

For additional information, click here.

• Is any type of coaching provided for the children of IDPs?

Yes. In the United States and several other nations, GROVEWELL is prepared to deliver coaching for children between the ages of 5 and 18. These are full day programs delivered by experienced expat children’s coaches.

For additional information, click here.

• My IDP cancelled or changed the date of a session, and GROVEWELL's policy – click here – was applied. Can the forfeited coaching hours be made up?

No. When J&J pays a cancellation or change-of-date fee to GROVEWELL, the funds set aside for those hours of coaching will not be replaced from the budget of the IDP Office. The hours are lost to the IDP.