Testimonials re Coaching for Global Advantage

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"For about 2.5 years, Vanessa is working with me as my coach and I am truly grateful for and impressed by the fantastic and deeply caring support Vanessa gives me. She approaches our coaching in a holistic way, covering all areas of life which as a whole have an impact on my performance as a leader in my job, excels at true listening and going deep, connecting topics that at first glance seem not connected. We managed to distill what is the essence of leadership and purpose in life and job for me, what is holding me back, what is propelling me forward and can be accelerated, and helped me to become more and more self-aware. As a result, I feel I have greatly matured as a person in the time we worked together and expanded my leadership repertoire significantly. Vanessa is not the first coach I work with, but without any doubt has had the most profound and lasting positive impact of all coaches on me and my leadership."

Reply to a request for feedback from a major pharma company's Country Head Germany, whose coach was Vanessa Katte


Andrea and I immensely enjoyed the session and learned more about India in our limited time together than we had in all of our previous reading and discussions. We sincerely appreciate you both!

E-mail from Nathan Keilholz to coach Jo Ann Ross and resource person Bidhan Chandra

"The coaching sessions Kathy provided me during my transition were a true leadership development experience. She asked me about the critical stakeholders involved in my assignment & projects, and started the conversation with me on how to engage necessary stakeholders in order to make the project happen.

"Through the coaching I was able to elaborate on what needs to happen for me to be successful in the assignment I'm in. I was able to successfully expand Japan-specific product needs into worldwide product needs by conducting necessary voice-of-customers and engaging critical stakeholders. My project was successfully chartered in the company.

"This experience really highlighted the importance of how to approach a new assignment and manage expectations by appropriately approaching the critical stakeholders."

Reply to a request for feedback from Eisuke Yamamoto, whose coach was Kathy Molloy [U.S. Northeast]


"When I think about my assignment from Brazil to the U.K., one of the most important preparations I had was the cultural coaching. It really helped me and my wife to understand English behavior and values, and how to approach them to be a member of the team and realize my potential in the U.K. Then before I returned home to Brazil, GROVEWELL’s repatriation coaching was very important in helping me set my priorities to reorganize my personal and professional life there. One important part of the repatriation coaching was to help me conduct the career conversations with my line managers in Brazil.

"Another point was the help I got from the coach on how to balance my career/life goals with my wife’s goals. Of course, after one year living in the U.K., these goals had changed, so we had to talk about some difficult questions (facilitated by our coach)."

Reply to a request for feedback from Daniel Santos, whose coach was Tom Hoogewerf [United Kingdom]

I found the session most valuable and Michael a fantastic coach. Looking forward to my future sessions.

E-mail to GROVEWELL from Jonathan Reid about coach Michael David [India]

"Dear Sandro, my wife and I were so touched yesterday. I can’t thank you enough. If I look back at the past year, I was able to adapt fast to new environment, work hard and get a good result thanks to your timely and sincere advice. I was so excited to meet you and learn your experience, knowledge and wisdom here in Canada. I’m so sorry that I can’t get further coaching from you. You are the BEST coach I have ever met. If you don’t mind, I would like to keep in touch with you after I’ll be back to Korea. Hope you will be going well. Many thanks."

E-mail from SunKeun Huh to his coach, Sandro Iannicca [Canada]


"My GROVEWELL coach helped me to gain deeper levels of self-awareness, and to become calmer, more reflective, and more emotionally balanced when dealing with challenging situations, relationships, and change. I recognized and overcame obstacles within myself that had kept me from trusting myself and others. This led to more respectful, open, and collaborative engagements with my team and other teams.

My ability to influence others and make informed decisions by relying on others’ competence without having to control all the details has raised my effectiveness. And I was able to identify the limits within myself that kept me from experimenting with new ways of involving teams and colleagues. All in all, I feel more resourceful, confident, and ready to show positive leadership in my new role in Italy. I will always be grateful for this opportunity."

Reply to a request for feedback from Dania Bellan, whose coach was Vanessa Katte [Germany]

"And thanks once again for the superb contribution you and GROVELL's team of coaches make to the [women's leadership] program. It is a real pleasure working with you, and I too hope we have the opportunity to meet up in person."

Liz de Wet, director of a year-long developmental program for 30 Johnson & Johnson women leaders based outside the United States


"Jo Ann’s empathy, optimism, good heart, and extraordinary coaching skills were key during my assignment. She helped me become a better person, professionally and personally. I will always cherish her advice. In fact, her words of wisdom pop into my head when I'm facing difficult situations!"

Reply to a request for feedback by Rosalia Reyes, whose coach was Jo Ann Ross [U.S. Northeast]


Liliana, I will always be able to use what I have learned from you and from this program, regardless where I will be. You are the best!

E-mail from Telma Santos to coach Liliana Loeffler [U.S. Northeast]

"Reflecting on how difficult [my expat assignment] was, I cannot thank you enough for your support and leadership. My experience turned out to be successful because you helped me in the most difficult phase in my career (and possibly, life). The learning I've gone through has equipped me with tools I could use in any occasion. I see it and I apply it!"

E-mail from Matteo De Padova to his coach, Willa Hallowell [U.S. Northeast]


"The coaching was very, very helpful. Marie-Pascale helped me to become a more self-aware and self-conscious person. Marie-Pascale is amazing. She was able to find exactly the right techniques and ways to clearly and fast get me to realize things. Her professionalism and good heart were really doing magic for me. She had understanding and practical knowledge of the insides of organizations, not just a theory that a book advises. Thank you. It has been an honor working with Marie-Pascale and it has been a very enriching experience."

Anastasiya Leonenko, excerpts from evaluation re coach Marie-Pascall Martorell [France]


"First thing, I realize that you had a wonderfully huge impact on me. I am more self confident and aware of what kind of leader I am. I am being who I am: pleasant, positive, and caring despite the very negative energy there is on the floor sometimes. Of course I kept my fighting spirit but in a more positive way. The result: my team is raving about me and the other teams we work with, too."

Marie Audier, spontaneous e-mail to her coach, Jo Ann Ross [U.S. Northeast]


"I do not think that I would have been promoted to my current role (less than one year after moving to the U.S.) if my management had not [noticed] the changes I went through, thanks to my coaching.  Since this promotion, my businesses have been growing and the overall feedback I received for my mid-year performance review was quite strong. I was blessed to work with someone [Willa Hallowell] with a rare sense of authenticity in her relationships, someone willing to go beyond the scope of her assignment when the outcome required it, someone who makes you feel that she will always be available for you.  In French, I would say that Willa is a Grande Dame."

Vincent Maupu, excerpts from his coaching evaluation re his coach, Willa Hallowell [U.S. Northeast]

Kathy is a brilliant listener and has a unique talent in identifying the exact resources, tools and mentoring I needed for my new role in my new country.

Reply to a request for feedback from Peter Hawkes, whose coach was Kathy Molloy [U.S. Northeast]

"We had an excellent session with Roberta. The content was very good and appropriate, and Roberta's experience and expertise were really key to the success of the session. After the session my wife and I felt more oriented and aware of some of the critical aspects of the transition, and of some ways to deal better with them! Very nice start of the GROVEWELL coaching program!!"

E-mail from Tulio Oliveira regarding his coach, Roberta Rosenberg [Brazil]


"I just would like to mention the pleasure it has been working with Liliana; she has been a great coach. Her advice really help me to work on the development areas but what I think it is more important to create self awareness. This opportunity has really impacted my career in a very strong way."

E-mail from Jorge Rodriguez Ruiz De Linares re his coach, Liliana Loeffler [U.S. Northeast]


"I went to Tuck school of Business for an Executive Education program (Strategic Financial Leadership course).  This was a great experience. We touched on many of the topics you and I worked on during our coaching session....  In preparation of the course I had to do a 360, focused on leadership, and I was positively surprised by the feedback from Senior leaders.  It really showed that I matured in these areas over the past 1.5 years, which is also thanks to your coaching. So thank you again for coaching me."

E-mail from Greg Tuyteleers to his coach, Jo Ann Ross [U.S. Northeast]


"After my 2012 performance appraisal review, I decided to write to you a few words to express how thankful I am for the leadership and counseling you gave me and are still giving during my assignment.  I remember the day I was struggling, not only to find the best way to get my job done but also how to overcome some cultural barriers, and you promptly identified the key issues and helped me address and tackle the situation in a very mature way.  As a result, I was able to turn around the situation and make lemonade out of lemons! You were the turning point in my assignment and key to my success."

E-mail from Alexandre Peixoto to his coach, Kathy Molloy [U.S. Northeast]


You certainly made an impact on my life and for that I will always be grateful.

E-mail from Joyce Green to her coach, Willa Hallowell [U.S. Northeast]

"Jo Ann you have a been a star! Both Kirsty and I genuinely valued your coaching. For me, you've helped a lot with various situations at work and my career for which your guidance has been invaluable. However for both Kirsty and me, you have also helped us adjust to life in the U.S. and make some conscious decisions about how we want to come across in certain situations to get the desired results. In summary, you have been great or should that be 'excellent'?! ;-) "

E-mail from Adrian Whitford to his coach, Jo Ann Ross [U.S. Northeast]

"I enjoyed every bit of the learning. It has helped me become a better person. Trust me, I could go on for hours."

Unsolicited e-mail from a coachee to his GROVEWELL coach

"I had a coaching session with David last Friday and would like to give you several feedback.  We used full 3.5 hrs intensively discussed about cultural leadership - time passed so early.  Focused on how to make my 18 months successful and how to take the next global opportunity after this assignment.  This coaching session was great, so fruitful.  What more, David was great for me as executive coach.  All what he said was simple, candid, and precise.  I like this.  I appreciated this opportunity."

E-mail from Tomoki Yashiki to GROVEWELL re his coach, David Severance [U.S. Northeast]


"I will be more than happy to recommend your company! I would particularly stress the benefit of your coaching on my day-to-day work."

Arnaud Dubarry, replying to request for a testimonial

"GROVEWELL LLC has an excellent coaching staff for executive situations! I lead a global organization with many diverse cultures, skill sets, and personalities, which without proper guidance can result in a less valuable end product.  Through the coaching offered by Kathy Molloy of GROVEWELL, I further developed my skills, style, and approach to better lead my organization, harness the true cultural power of the group, and provide best-in-class deliverables."

Suzanne K. Brown, solicited testimonial


"Working with Kathy Molloy of GROVEWELL LLC has made a difference in my professional life: It has made me a more effective leader in the organization.  I have received positive feedback on my growth as a leader from many people in my direct working environment, as well as my peers and senior management.  All see a more considerate, balanced, and constructive leader, with a high level of commitment and energy to get the right things done in the right way.  Kathy has provided challenge, focus, and increased my understanding of human interactions.  She has provided the 'smack' as well as the support I needed."

Geert Kolvenbag, M.D., Ph.D., solicited testimonial re his coach, Kathy Molloy [U.S. Northeast]


"[My wife and I] would like to thank you for an excellent workshop, Gateway to the USA, organized by GROVEWELL. We went to this workshop with a lot of inhibition, but looking back I can say that this was the most useful workshop I ever attended. It...changed our outlook and perspective on the U.S., both personally and professionally. We have seen dramatic results after each workshop. The first workshop, which addressed our transition to U.S. culture, was outstanding. The second workshop transformed our personal relationship and helped us to understand each other and cope with the changes that [his wife] was facing. Moreover, it insured my professional success. The program for [their young daughter] was fantastic.... We sincerely appreciate the passion that was demonstrated by [GROVEWELL's coaches]. Their deep understanding of different cultures and involvement in helping us was outstanding. Thanks for such an outstanding coach and vendor."

Amar Bhanushali, e-mail to his supervisor

"Thank you for your time and advice, which has made such a difference on my approach to life.

Note on Christmas card from a coachee to his GROVEWELL coach

"Thank you both very much for such an enjoyable, valuable session on Friday. It provided us with a great insight into life in Russia, and we really appreciated your style of presentation." — Shamus Whyte

"We took so much away from Friday's session.  You helped us recognize areas that we should work on to help us prepare and established an exciting tone our upcoming adventure.  Thank you so much for that!" — Leah Whyte

Separate unsolicited e-mails from the Whytes to Jo Ann Ross and Russia resource person Yana Blackwelder [U.S. Northeast]


"I met Jo Ann Ross in 2009 and worked with her until 2012.  I had no interest in coaching before I met her as I thought I knew a lot and it was a waste of time.  [But] from our first meeting, I felt I wanted to work with her.  She helped me overcome some deep seated fears that were holding me back in my career but, up to meeting Jo Ann – I had never stated...to anyone.  Jo Ann worked with me through this and helped me overcome it, which was truly liberating. If Jo Ann [hadn't been] there, I believe I wouldn't have had the reflective insights [about] how to deal with other experiences in the future.  I also believe that, without Jo Ann, my confidence to lead and trust in my instincts, according to my principles and values, would not be as pronounced as it is now.  Jo Ann accelerated my learning.  I don't know how you quantify that, Cornelius."

Anthony Doyle, portions of unsolicited letter (italics in original) re his coach,Jo Ann Ross [U.S. Northeast] See also testimonial below


[Two years later, Mr. Doyle shared with Jo Ann Ross his experience with a potential new employer]  "After seven face-to-face interviews and a battery of online tests, I got an offer last week to join them as General Manager.  During one interview, I was asked about what have you done to develop yourself as a leader, and I discussed what [you and I] did to conquer public speaking with my superiors, etc.  The WW VP of HR stated that she had never seen anything as powerful as some of the answers I gave.  I thought it was quite special that even though we haven't worked together for over two years, the positive effect of our relationship endures.  The process gave me a whole new raft of ideas and areas that I would like to work on.

Anthony Doyle, excerpts from a lengthy unsolicitede-mail to his former coach, Jo Ann Ross [U.S. Northeast]


"This [coaching session] isn't just about my adaptation. This workshop is about optimizing my assignment!"

Spontaneous comment of a coachee during a session

"My coaching experiences with GROVEWELL (pre-assignment, in-country, and post-return) were extremely valuable to me both personally and professionally.  I gained a greater understanding of myself and how to communicate most effectively for a successful adaptation in my host country.  My foreign colleagues even commented on my cultural sensitivity!  Now that I am home, my coach, Jo Ann Ross, has been instrumental in helping me reacclimate to home and my new role.  She has provided me with insightful coaching that is helping me leverage my personal strengths and expand my leadership role within the company.  My thinking is continuously broadened with each session, and I feel forever enriched for greater successes in life.  I would highly recommend GROVEWELL to others."

Lynn Leonard, solicited testimonial re her coach, Jo Ann Ross [U.S. Northeast]


"[Jo Ann Ross's] balance of personal connection (genuine caring) and helping to identify and unlock the personal motivation and sense of purpose behind the performance of an individual was powerful.  She also made much appreciated efforts to connect her coaching support to my learning and development function, sending relevant resources, articles, etc., and asking very relevant questions re my unit.  It was such a positive overall experience for me, I was just left hungry for more...."

Excerpts from a coachee's response on GROVEWELL's coaching evaluation, re coach Jo Ann Ross [U.S. Northeast]


"I just wanted to let you know Peter Hawkes has been singing the praises of the cross-cultural coaching that he and his family received! I haven’t had feedback directly from him yet, but according to his host HR, he felt that the training content was excellent (both the training that he/his wife received, and the training that his daughter received), and that it was really well timed for them – he apparently feels that this training has helped the family settle in, and has supported a smooth transition for them."

Sent to GROVEWELL by a manager; our coaches were Kathy Molloy and Youth Coach Yuri Marder [U.S. Northeast]


"Thank you for a fantastic [repatriation coaching] session. As you know, I had questions about the core value of our anticipated session, especially given the current craziness of our life right now, but you more than delivered on your promise.  You were an absolute delight to meet and work with, and the insights we developed together will stay with me for a very long time (I expect forever).  I am currently in Japan and excited about applying some of our go-forward actions toward greater success and more importantly greater joy both personally and professionally."

Andre Papillon, unsolicited e-mail to his coach, Liliana Loeffler [U.S. Northeast]


"I realized after the [first coaching session] that it's actually the first time I shared so much of my feelings and thinkings with someone in the United States since I came six months ago."

Unsolicited e-mail from a coachee to her coach


"I have seen a marked improvement in the approach [the coachee] is taking toward communications and general work on the project.  He has been very positive about his experience with GROVEWELL."

Unsolicited e-mail from the supervisor of a coachee


"This might be interesting for you: Recently I had a meeting in a company with a new CEO; it concerned coaching assignments for his Board.  During the conversation he shared with me the learning he got from his coach when still in his previous company, Johnson & Johnson, as a participant in the International Development Program.  His eyes were happy and voice proud when he was talking about the experience.  As the world is small I know that it had to be a GROVEWELL coach who had such an impact!" [Note: GROVEWELL is the sole provider of J&J IDP coaching worldwide.]."-

Associate Lidija Drobež (Slovenia), unsolicited e-mail to partner Willa Hallowell


"You are a true professional and our time with you was wisely spent.  We would recommend your services to others."

E-mail from coachee couple to their coach

"GROVEWELL's coaching offered me additional ears and eyes on my adaptation.  It continuously shed light for me in a rational way yet with great passion.  What I learned from GROVEWELL's coaching not only benefited my professional assignment but also my life.  It was a really enjoyable learning process, and it touched my heart."

Shen Li, solicited testimonial


"I'd just like to tell you that my coaching sessions with GROVEWELL have been a real step forward for me.  They helped me to better understand how to work and interact with people here at work, and to adapt myself to the local corporate culture.  Our working sessions always pointed out the areas where I can improve my skills and better anticipate changes.  In addition, all sessions really helped me to know myself better as a person, identifying my strengths as well as my weaknesses."

Emma Charles, in an e-mail to her supervisor


"Thank you for providing us such valuable guidance in terms of international parenting. Just to give you an idea how powerful the program was, Guilherme [5 years old] told us that Saturday was the day he enjoyed the most. Julia and Gabriela [younger siblings] said that they are looking forward to be five years old and get the same folder as Guilherme does.

E-mail from expatriate coachee/parent Alexandre Peixoto to GROVEWELL's children's coach, Yuri Marder [U.S. Northeast]


"I had the opportunity to work with Kathy Molloy as a business coach with the objective of developing more effective global business communications.  As a new global team lead, the work with Kathy allowed me to become effective within my leadership team and more influential overall.  I have been able to apply the principles across projects and roles successfully, making this opportunity one of the most valuable in my professional development."

Sunita Sheth, M.D., solicited testimonial


"Willa Hallowell has a tremendous understanding and experience in whatever has to do with culture, change, and development.  I can count on one hand the number of people who really impressed me in my life, and she is one of them."

Wim Braeckmans, e-mail to his supervisor re coach Willa Hallowell [U.S. Northeast]


"I've been having two huge learning opportunities.  [One was] cross-cultural [coaching].  [This] was extremely helpful for my initial adaptation and continues to be of great assistance for my professional interaction with the different people/cultures in the plant."

Marcos de Assis, "Goals & Objectives First Quarter Report"