Who Is a Grovewell coach?

GROVEWELL often is told by coachees, client companies, and its own coaches that it is "special," different from other firms that offer leadership coaching.

They say that COACHING FOR GLOBAL ADVANTAGE has a strong and enduring impact on global executives.  But they add that this isn't the full explanation.

What's special, they say, is GROVEWELL's coaches.

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Prior Coaching Success, Inspiring Passion, and Cultural Insight

Each GROVEWELL coach has years of coaching experience prior to being "qualified" by the two partners.   Our qualification process insures that all GROVEWELL coaches share high ethical values and bring enthusiasm and successful outcomes to their work. Our coaches love to coach; for them, it's a calling.

Each of our coaches is mature and well-rounded through broad life experience.  Each is globally-minded as a result of having lived and worked internationally.  Many are bilingual, some are multilingual.  Each has experience-honed insights into subtle cultural differences and similarities.  And each is able to weave those insights into the practice of his or her vocation.

Relationship-Orientation, Corporate Experience, and Adaptability

Our coaches are deeply relationship-oriented as well as results-oriented.  They have ample corporate experience, so they readily grasp the complexities of a client firm's business imperatives.  Because of their authenticity, GROVEWELL's coaches gain the trust of their coachees and work with them at the level of values and beliefs – the level where transformative change takes root.

Other characteristics that help to distinguish the GROVEWELL executive coach are that he or she…

  • is an outstanding listener, totally present for the coachee, deeply committed to his or her success;
  • has the global experience, flexibility, and judgment to adapt to the coachee's needs and style; and
  • contributes to the coaching agenda, based on his or her extensive, diverse international experiences.

GROVEWELL is more than a provider of leadership coaching.  It's also a worldwide community of life-long learners.   As newcomers join us, they are integrated into GROVEWELL's organizational culture, which includes learning from one another and sharing the most effective practices for coaching the executives of global corporations.

The Ethical Commitments of Our Partners and Coaches

GROVEWELL's two partners and leadership coaches share the following commitments to each client firm:

All GROVEWELL Leadership Coaches:

  • Represent themselves accurately to the client firm and to the coachee, never claiming or implying possession of background experience or competence that they don't possess.
  • Provide the client firm and the coachee with accurate information about what outcomes and benefits can be expected from leadership coaching.
  • Take every precaution to insure that all information obtained during a coaching engagement remains confidential.
  • Remain true to the intentions and ideals of GROVEWELL's Coaching for Global Advantage by being alert and insightful regarding the coachee's subtle cultural characteristics and preferences.
  • Establish a relationship with the coachee's supervisor, HR partner, and other key stakeholders identified by the coachee and the client.
  • Use effectively, to the direct benefit of the coachee, all preparation time billed to the client firm, and are thoroughly prepared for every coaching session.
  • Are open to feedback from the coachee, and from the coachee's supervisor, HR partners, and other stakeholders, in order to insure that the coaching is as effective as possible.
  • Avoid scrupulously all conduct that could be construed as discriminatory or harassing.
  • Disclose to the coachee and to GROVEWELL's partners any significant factor that could be construed as in conflict with the interests of the coachee or of the client firm.
  • Recognize emerging situations that are outside their expertise as well as signs that the coachee is no longer benefiting from the coaching engagement, and discuss these observations and their recommendations with the coachee, the coachee's supervisor and/or HR partner, and with GROVEWELL's two partners.