Intercultural Consulting

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Articles listed below are immediately available on a click-to-read basis.

What Is Intercultural Consulting?, by C. Grove & W. Hallowell, GROVEWELL, 1999, revised 2002. [This is GROVEWELL's 4-page introduction to the origins, purposes, and methods of intercultural consulting, training, and related services.]

Cross-Cultural "Specialized Knowledge, by C. Grove. GROVEWELL, 1998. [This document overviews the characteristics of the professional field of intercultural communications; prepared at the request of the U.S. Government.]

Adapting to Difference, by C. Grove & W. Hallowell. Posted on "Catalyzing," the blog of, during August 2013. [Answers to three questions about adaptation during encounters with global diversity, both at home and abroad.]

Global Teamwork & Cultural Differences, by Gary Wederspahn. GROVEWELL, 2005.

Making the Case for Intercultural Coaching and Training, by Gary Wederspahn. GROVEWELL, 2002. Originally in International HR Journal, Summer 2000. [Here slightly revised.]

On the Design and Delivery of Intercultural Training (Properly Understood), by C. Grove & W. Hallowell. GROVEWELL, 2002. [This is GROVEWELL's definitive statement concerning its performance-focused intercultural training. The paper emphasizes that such training is primarily for the purpose of behavior modification.]

An Assessment of Assessment Instruments for Expat Candidate Selection, by C. Grove, 2001. Revised, 2015.

Spinning Your Wheels? Successful Global Teams Know How to Gain Traction, by C. Grove & W. Hallowell. HRMagazine Focus, April 1998.

Who Is Responsible for Whom?, by C. Grove. GROVEWELL, 1996. [Compares American and Japanese values.]

What Is Culture Shock?, by C. Grove, GROVEWELL, 1995. [About the physiology of culture shock.]

A New Conceptualization of Intercultural Adjustment and the Goals of Training, by C. Grove & Ingemar Torbiörn. International Journal of Intercultural Relations, Vol. 9, No. 2, 1985. [Winner of two awards for excellence.]