Insights into U.S. Culture

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The Randömia Balloon Factory: A Unique Simulation for Working Across the Cultural Divide, by C. Grove & W. Hallowell. Originally published by Intercultural Press, 2001. Revised and expanded edition published by GROVEWELL, 2014. [This is a 3½-hour business simulation.]

Encountering the Chinese: A Modern Country, An Ancient Culture, by C. Grove, Hu Wenzhong, & Zhuang Enping; Hachette, 3rd Edition, 2010.

Globalizing Diversity: The Two Dilemmas Facing Global Corporations, by C. Grove & W. Hallowell. GROVEWELL, 2008. [This copyrighted article is GROVEWELL's definitive statement on the ethical and practical dilemmas of sending abroad our Made-in-the-USA diversity policies and practices.]

How People from Different Cultures Expect to Learn, by C. Grove. GROVEWELL, 2003.

The Seven Balancing Acts of Professional Behavior in the U.S.A.: A Cultural Values Perspective, by C. Grove & W. Hallowell. Velocity: Focus Europe [Strategic Account Management Association], 3rd Quarter 2002.

Expats from Abroad in the U.S.A.: Six Steps to Effective Integration, by C. Grove & W. Hallowell. International Insight [Runzheimer], Winter 1999.

Asian Assignees with American Co-Workers: Predictable Problems, Potential Solutions, by C. Grove, W. Hallowell, & Reiko Makiuchi. International HR Journal, Fall 1998.

Diversity in Corporate America: An Explanation, by C. Grove & W. Hallowell. GROVEWELL, 1998/2009. [Written for businesspeople from abroad.]

Global Patterns: Culture's Influence on Managerial Behavior, Worldwide Business Practices Report [International Cultural Enterprises], January through September, 1994.
— Hierarchical versus Egalitarian Relationship Patterns (January).
— The Mysterious Concept of 'Face' (February).
— Interpreting Time Worldwide (March).
— Deciding Whom to Hire, Promote, and Trust (April).
— Deciding Whom to Hire, Promote, and Trust, Part II (May).
— To What Extent Can Feelings Be Openly Expressed (June).
— Individualist vs. Collectivist Values (August).
— The American Way. . .At Home and Abroad (September).

Novus Ordo Seclorum: Or Why Americans Handle Time in Peculiar Ways, by C. Grove. GROVEWELL, 1992.