Program Overview

How to Develop a Global Mindset Without Leaving Home


The key components of GROVEWELL's unique program are...

1.  Cultural Self-Study Experiences:  Facilitated learning enables each participant to gain insight into him- or herself as a cultural being.  Learning occurs via classroom instruction and self-study assignments.  Instruction is delivered at your site.  More about Cultural Self-Study Experiences.

2.  In-Company Developmental Experiences:  Facilitated learning draws on each participant's own job to reveal new insights about a global mindset's applications.  A key requirement is that, to at least some extent, your company is globally active. More about In-Company Experiences.

3.  In-Community Developmental Experiences:  Facilitated real-life activities explore the cultures and mindsets of nearby others.  GROVEWELL makes use of resources within your geographical region; some day trips will be required of participants. More about In-Community Experiences.

Coaching and Facilitation:  During the entire program, small-group coaching and large-group facilitations guide and support participants through the three components (above), interrelating and contextualizing the learnings.  Individual coaching will be provided to a limited extent as well.  All coaching and facilitation focus on applications relevant to your business and its global objectives. More about Coaching and Facilitation.

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