In-Company Experiences

This component of the global-mindset development program uses of each participant's own day-to-day work and other opportunities found within his or her company.

The focus is on the international and intercultural features of each program participant's job, and on other global resources within the company, in order to generate new ways and means for demonstrating how culture can be a barrier, or become a boon, to success in the global marketplace.


GROVEWELL has a range of specific ideas about the kinds of learning experiences that, potentially, can be developed using each program participant's own routine work activities and responsibilities.  Underlying our confidence about this is a critical assumption: Our client company will be significantly involved in the global marketplace.

Our ideas include not only ways to make good use of each participant's own work activities, but also ways to leverage readily available resources within the company, such as the presence of fellow employees who are from other cultures (whether as short-term visitors, resident expatriates, or immigrants permanently resident in the U.S.).

Other ideas are (1) GROVEWELL-provided training events of relevance to the company's strategic directions, and (2) guided reading assignments focusing on non-fiction and/or fictional literature about peoples and cultures that are relevant to the company's objectives.

The Cultural Self-Study component of the program is a critical background piece that enables the In-Company Learning Experiences to be especially insightful and useful.


The In-Company component of this program is individualized both for the global presence of our client company and the day-to-day work activities of each participant.

In-Company Learning Experience will not require a program participant to leave his or her worksite except perhaps to travel to another, nearby, company worksite to attend a learning event of some kind.

In-Company Learning Experiences may begin simultaneously with, or following, the Cultural Self-Study component.

In-Company Learning Experiences are arranged and constantly supported by large-group facilitation, small-group & individual coaching, and social networking opportunities.

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