In-Community Experiences

This component of GROVEWELL's Global-Mindset Development program makes extensive use of human and organizational resources found within the larger community where the company's worksite is geographically located.

GROVEWELL's intents to recruit as active contributors to this program locally available individuals, ethnic community groups, small and medium-sized businesses, and variety of voluntary, religious, and globally active not-for-profit agencies.


GROVEWELL has a range of specific ideas about the kinds of learning experiences that, potentially, can be arranged by using resources located within its client company's larger community. It is our expectation that a sufficient number of cooperative human and organizational resources can be found within 50 miles of our client's worksite.

Our ideas are focused primarily on possibilities represented by immigrant communities, international not-for-profit agencies, and small business such as import-export firms that interact extensively with counterparts abroad. We also expect to identify local individuals who strikingly embody differences between U.S. and foreign ways of "being in the world."

Our principal objective here is to bring program participants into facilitated, sustained, meaningful contact with individuals, community groups, and organizations that represent very different sets of values, expectations, and behaviors than the ones the participants are accustomed to. Other possibilities include guided reading assignments focusing on non-fiction and/or fictional literature about unfamiliar individuals, ethnic and immigrant groups, cultures, businesses, or organizations.

The Cultural Self-Study component of the program is a critical background piece that enables the In-Community Learning Experiences to be especially insightful and useful.


The In-Community component of this program is individualized for the geographical region within which our client company has its participating worksites.

In-Community Learning Experiences will require program participants to leave their worksites for occasional day or evening journeys to locations that might be up to 50 miles distant. The possibility of one or more weekend excursions cannot be ruled out.

In-Community Learning Experiences may begin simultaneously with, or following, the Cultural Self-Study component.

In-Community Learning Experiences are arranged and constantly supported by large-group facilitation, small-group & individual coaching, and social networking opportunities.

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