Coaching and Facilitation

Coaching and facilitation are indispensable elements of the global-mindset development program.  Only on-going, personalized support for the participants can enable them to broadly interrelate, contextualize, and internalize the three components' learnings.

GROVEWELL's reputation is founded primarily on its executive coaching, which is delivered worldwide.  We understand coaching, and we deliver it constantly.  For more information, please visit the EXECUTIVE COACHING section of this website.

Coaching that is specifically for our global-mindset development program will be provided periodically for program participants in small groups.  We will also deliver some targeted individual coaching and seek ways of applying available social networking opportunities.

By facilitation we mean that a GROVEWELL associate will meet occasionally with a larger group of participants in order to contextualize and integrate their learning.  If the number of participants from a company is not very large, these meetings could involve all of them.

Finally, the GROVEWELL associates who are responsible for delivering this program, and for providing the coaching and facilitation, will expect to meet periodically with our client company's leaders to maintain open lines of communication about the program's progress, and to insure that the coaching and facilitation is oriented towards practical applications relevant to our client's objectives.

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