Global Mindset Development

GROVEWELL LLC closed on 31 December 2020. More information here.

Develop global-minded managers without expensive expatriate assignments

This webpage overviews an innovative global-mindset development program for business executives, managers, and professionals – a program that gets the job done without requiring expensive expatriate assignments.

The eight components of this program are overviewed via the eight links nearby immediately to the right (beginning with Program Overview).

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Efficiency and Effectiveness in Global Business

Your company's leaders recognized decades ago that global business requires the real-time collaboration of people in far-flung locations.  They have been acquiring the latest I.T. advances so that your company can integrate key players worldwide with breathtaking efficiency.

But right now we're not talking about global business efficiency.

We're talking about cultural competency development leading to global business effectiveness.

How globally effective are your firm's key players?  To what extent do their current mindsets enable them, with counterparts unlike themselves,

  • to share meanings, insights, and intentions with accuracy?
  • to develop and maintain productive teams and networks?
  • to influence others and reach mutually respected agreements?
  • to build integrated systems that will enhance your global market-share?
  • to intentionally be effective in providing leadership for others from abroad?

Our Solution: An On-Site, Year-Long, Three-Component Program

For nearly 30 years, GROVEWELL has contributed to the development of global mindsets among executives, managers, and other business professionals, many of whom were on an expatriate assignment. But expatriate assignments are extremely expensive!

So we developed a program that enables American managers to build, or to enhance, their cultural competency, adaptability, and resilience...without leaving home.

GROVEWELL is proclaiming, "Business leaders CAN gain a global mindset without leaving home!"

The eight components of this program are overviewed via the eight links near the top right side of this page (beginning with Program Overview).