Worldwide Talent Management

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Earth-spanning corporations doing business today understand that they flourish due to the work of globally-minded people.  Managers up to and including the CEO need to demonstrate critical competencies and embody the company's strategy, values, and intellectual capital.  These "talents" operate virtually as well as across value systems, requiring a new, higher level of WorldWise communication sophistication.

Worldwide Talent Management has become the new critical success factor for corporations that wish to extend their reach as well as their grasp.  This implies, in turn, a robust Global Leadership Development System.  GROVEWELL's experience in developing global competencies has led us to a broad, systemic approach to global talent management.  Its basics are illustrated here:


The Building Blocks of Global Leadership Development

  • Leader/Manager Development by means of training and developmental assignments abroad
  • Performance Management System Design upgrading global-mindedness, adaptability, and competence
  • Executive Coaching using an intercultural approach: GROVEWELL's COACHING FOR GLOBAL ADVANTAGE
  • Targeted Coaching to realize the full potential of women and others with diverse values and talents
  • Global Succession Planning so that the only paths to leadership are talent, performance, and adaptability
  • Virtual Team High Performance by facilitating collaboration and execution across boundaries & distances
  • Global Infrastructure Planning to develop a coordinated and aligned set of global management systems

Read our article published by the Center for Creative Leadership, Gaining a Critical Edge in Mastering Globalization.

The Outcome: High Performing Global Leaders and Managers

  • Consistent and increasing global goal-achievement
  • Productive internal and external global relationships
  • A deep, dispersed, multicultural talent pool
  • All contributing to a rising global market share

Today, managers responsible for the worldwide deployment of talent require global perspectives and borderless skills to find, develop, and energize outstanding people who are diverse, dispersed, and global-minded, and to manage them effectively.

GROVEWELL's Contribution to Worldwide Talent Management

What GROVEWELL brings to the table is an active, thorough, and application-driven grasp of the nuanced intercultural factors that affect talent management today.

GROVEWELL offers a wide variety of coaching, consulting, and training services that are indispensable for effective worldwide talent management.  Our globally experienced and interculturally astute senior associates can help strengthen all or part of your global talent management effort.

See especially our web portal on Global Competency Modeling.

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