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A key challenge facing corporations is the development of a strategy-based transformation in pursuit of global revenue growth. Global revenue growth, in turn, requires that the organization's managers learn to actually do things differently so they'll gain effectiveness in distant markets.

Research and practice have shown that, in business units characterized by human differences...

  • Heterogeneity of ideas and perspectives leads to greater innovativeness and broader solution-applicability.
  • Heterogeneity often erects barriers to efficiency and effectiveness; it needs to be skillfully leveraged.

The websites and annual reports of globe-spanning corporations prominently mention "diversity." But how? In almost all cases, it's merely about demographic inclusiveness.

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Beyond Inclusiveness: Leveraging Differences for Global Growth

Opportunities for global growth are lying unseized when global organizations don't go beyond inclusiveness to proactively view diversity in terms of variability in the values, expectations, and behaviors of customers, clients, employees, partners, and other stakeholders worldwide.

Differences in values, expectations, and behaviors need to be leveraged. Until this is done consistently and well, the unit's global growth arsenal remains incomplete.

Beyond demographic inclusiveness lies an informed, systemic approach to globalization that...

  • embraces new patterns of thinking and behaving grounded in business-oriented cross-cultural research;
  • generates infrastructures and systems that leverage human value variation to attain global revenue growth.

Domestic Diversity and Global Diversity: There IS a Difference

MEANS • Change people-related behaviors.
• Transform hiring/promotion practices.
• Change business-related behaviors.
• Transform infrastructures and systems.
ENDS • Demographic workplace inclusion.
• Equal opportunity in promotions.
• Broader appeal to customers at home.
• Adaptability across borders and cultures.
• High performance with global partners.
• Broad appeal to customers around the world.

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Our Work Is Informed by the GLOBE Research Findings

The Global Leadership and Organizational Behavior Effectiveness (GLOBE) research project, which investigated variations in business leadership worldwide, was organized and directed out of the Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania.  GLOBE comprised 170 researchers in 62 societies over 11 years.  The research team's stated objective was...

To determine the extent to which the practices and values of business leadership are universal (i.e., are similar globally), and the extent to which they are specific to just a few societies.

The team attained this objective.  GLOBE's findings present to us all a breakthrough in our ability to think about business leadership in a way that is accurate, action-oriented, and most importantly genuinely global.

GROVEWELL is one of the earliest consultancies to adopt and apply the findings of the GLOBE Project.

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