Large Group Training for Expatriates

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GROVEWELL has enjoyed many notable success in providing group training for business assignees and, in many cases, for their family members as well.

For example, one long-term client for our expatriate training services wrote, in part...

"Your programs have been outstanding.  [Your] on-going dialogue to assess the needs of our population and your individual follow-up with our employees is evidence of your interest in the success of each participantt in one of your programs. The programs are comprehensive and clear in content, while allowing for sharing among participants.  Our employees and their families consistently rate the cultural training programs among the best and most important aspect of their preparation for life abroad."

Julie Hoesterey, Deloitte & Touche

Access our process for initiating training. Or access our cornerstone explanation of global leadership training.

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Group training may be for the assignees only, emphasizing the characteristics of their host work environment and the business-relevant behaviors and values that, in that culture, foster collaboration and productivity there.

Or group training may be for the assignees and their accompanying family members. Family training enables them all to adapt more readily to the social culture and daily routines of their host community, and to establish and maintain good relations with their new neighbors.

In our experience, most clients who request training ask for a single day.  In this case, we recommend post-arrival training. (On request, however, we will provide pre-departure training.)

Country-Specific Briefings

GROVEWELL offers country-specific briefings for employees who make short-duration business trips abroad. Focused, tailored briefings are two hours in length. We provide briefings for a group or an individual. Briefings occur in the home country or while the trainee is in the target country.

Very effective when conducted "live," such briefings may also occur by means of Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, or other video-conferencing platform.

See also GROVEWELL's webpage on Cross-Cultural Training for Global Teams & Units.
Access our process for initiating services. Or access our cornerstone explanation of global leadership training.

Learn more about our course on GLOBAL LEADERSHIP ESSENTIALS.
It's GROVEWELL's 2- or 3-day hit-the-ground-running course for corporate leaders with little global experience.



Our Uncomplicated Process Additional Information about Each Step
Contact us by email, phone, or the Learn More button. We'll need your location, the number of participants, and the purpose of the training.
We'll try to assign a trainer in your area. Depending on the purpose of the training, our trainer will need to travel to/from your site.
Fees depend on days & number of trainers. We rarely set fees based on number of participants. However, see the next line below.
We request no more than 20 trainees per session. If you have over 20 trainees, we will expect either a second session or a second trainer.
GROVEWELL has no contract that you must sign. We do expect to receive a purchase order from you (or other payment guarantee).



  • Clients arrange for our coaching, consulting, or training services by means of either a formal contracting processes or an informal agreement. We adapt to each client’s requirements. We do not require a contract.
  • Our fees are set by the number of deliverers and the duration of the services. (We rarely charge on a per-participant basis.) For a half-day or less of on-client-site services, we charge 75% of our full day rate.
  • Additional fees might apply in some cases, such as for development, customization, or materials design. Any expenses – deliverer travel, materials shipping, etc. – are passed on to our client at cost.
  • We authorize services to occur after we receive verification from our client that our invoices will be honored. Usually, verification occurs by means of a Purchase Order number.
  • For details, contact Cornelius Grove using the Learn More button, or phone him at +1-718-492-1896.