Cross-Cultural Adaptability Coaching

At GROVEWELL, we realized that our cross-cultural field was not treating expatriation as a strategic opportunity. The missed opportunity was to develop leaders who were global-minded.

Cross-cultural training probably helps expats gain awareness of their new culture. But merely enhancing awareness misses the opportunity to expand their global leadership skill-set.

So at GROVEWELL, we didn't offer a one-size-fits-all service. We reconfigured it into a flexible, customized, one-on-one “coaching approach” suitable for individual expats and couples.

Cross-Cultural Adaptability Coaching delivers cross-cultural information and responds to the expressed and unspoken needs of our expats. Coaches deal with personal, social, developmental, business, and global leadership needs, interweaving all into cognitive and emotional learning.

Access our process for initiating services. Or visit our testimonials for Cross-Cultural Adaptability Coaching.

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Our learning objectives for each expatriate and (if any) his or her spouse or partner are:

  • To develop or augment their cross-cultural and self-awareness, including learning to notice but not immediately judge cultural differences and similarities;
  • To enhance their cross-cultural competence, including their ability to interact socially and professionally with members of their new organizational and national cultures;
  • To expand their capacity to learn how to learn on their own so that, following our coaching, they can continue to adapt and begin to thrive in their new environment.

AND be sure to visit our page that describes our coaching for spouses/partners and children.


Most of our competitors make sure to use a trainer or coach with some experience in the target (host) country. GROVEWELL has significantly higher standards:

  • Our coaches are fully trained, highly experienced, leadership/executive coaches.
  • Coaches have both lived and worked in the target (host) country for a substantial period.
  • If we have no coach with substantial target-country experience, we find a “resource person” who has that experience, and partner him or her with our coach during the entire day.
  • Typically, GROVEWELL’s coaches have had living and working experience more than one foreign countries. Almost all are at least bilingual.
  • Before engaging any coach candidate, we obtain references from three of his or her former executive coachees. We seek outstanding human beings capable of empathy and warmth.
  • Partner Willa Hallowell personally trains each coach who is new to this role, and personally supports all GROVEWELL's coaches in this role.

Access our process for initiating services. Or visit our testimonials for Cross-Cultural Adaptability Coaching.



Our Uncomplicated Process Additional Information about Each Step
Contact us by email, phone, or the Learn More button. We'll need your location, the number of participants, and the purpose of the service.
We'll try to assign a service deliverer in your area. Depending on the purpose of the service, our deliverer will need to travel to/from your site.
Fees depend on days & number of service deliverers. We rarely set fees based on number of participants. However, see the next line below.
We request no more than 20 trainees per session. If you have over 20 trainees, we will expect either a second session or a second trainer.
GROVEWELL has no contract that you must sign. We do expect to receive a purchase order from you (or other payment guarantee).



  • Clients arrange for our coaching, consulting, or training services by means of either a formal contracting processes or an informal agreement. We adapt to each client’s requirements. We do not require a contract.
  • Our fees are set by the number of deliverers and the duration of the services. (We rarely charge on a per-participant basis.) For a half-day or less of on-client-site services, we charge 75% of our full day rate.
  • Additional fees might apply in some cases, such as for development, customization, or materials design. Any expenses – deliverer travel, materials shipping, etc. – are passed on to our client at cost.
  • We authorize services to occur after we receive verification from our client that our invoices will be honored. Usually, verification occurs by means of a Purchase Order number.
  • For details, contact Cornelius Grove using the Learn More button, or phone him at +1-718-492-1896.