360º Expat Candidate Assessment

360º Expat Candidate Assessment

Created by GROVEWELL LLC and R.S. Mansfield Associates, the "SURVEY ON INTERCULTURAL RELOCATION ADAPTABILITY," or SIRA, is a moderately priced, on-line, 360º assessment instrument that enables global business leaders and professionals who are contemplating relocation to...

  • Clarify their own expectations and decision-making about global business relationships;
  • Obtain 360° feedback about the extent to which they demonstrate...
    > skills & personal qualities that promote adaptation to and effectiveness with diverse others, and
    > behaviors that can inhibit adaptation and effectiveness when working with diverse others;
  • Learn ways to enhance effective skills and qualities, and to reduce ineffective behaviors;
  • Identify what else they need to learn about a global assignment in order to clarify their concerns.

SIRA facilitates self-exploration, thoughtful decision-making, and focused preparation by the business leader, in consultation with someone such as a coach, counselor, trainer, or advisor. In this way, SIRA informs and enhances the ability of the leader to…

  • Decide wisely whether to accept an assignment requiring cross-cultural interactions and relocation to an unfamiliar place
  • Prepare intelligently by developing appropriate personal skills, qualities, behaviors, and expectations regarding expatriation.

For participating client companies, the value of SIRA is in enhancing the likelihood that relocation assignments for business leaders will actually lead to steadily increasing ROI.

For details about purchasing SIRA, click here. For background information about SIRA's use, click here.

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Advantages of SIRA Over Competing Instruments

SIRA differs in seven ways from other adaptability assessments:

  • Accessible online:  Users complete SIRA online; the Feedback Report is returned online.
  • A modified 360° feedback survey:  Friends, relatives, and work colleagues may participate.  Work colleagues may be any business associate.  No 360° participant is identified in the Feedback Report.
  • Feedback provided only to the individual:  The Feedback Report is distributed solely to the individual, who may distribute it to others.  This makes accurate, specific 360° feedback more likely.
  • American value bias minimized:  We have removed the U.S. value bias found in other surveys.  Example:  We do not assume that global success depends on one's being proactive and deadline-conscious.
  • Supporting materials:  Each user's Feedback Report offers individual guidance on his or her personal adaptability.  In contracting firms, HR and EAP professionals receive a supporting manual.
  • Certification not required:  HR and EAP professionals may use SIRA without expensive training.
  • SIRA is moderately priced:  For details about purchasing SIRA, click here.

Using the Survey on Intercultural Relocation Adaptability

SIRA is appropriate when the global business leader needing an adaptability assessment is contemplating relocation.  In this case, the leader's spouse or partner (if any) should also complete a SIRA assessment.

If physical relocation is not contemplated, but extensive relationships with culturally different counterparts at home and abroad is contemplated, please click here for details about our parallel 360° assessment known as SGLR.

SIRA is a modified 360° survey that is completed by the individual, at least 3 friends/family members, and at least 3 work colleagues.  Assessed are seven skills/qualities that facilitate successful adaptation.

The 360º process also assesses 20 behaviors that are capable of undermining relationships with culturally different counterparts.

In addition, SIRA includes a self-assessment by the relocation candidate (and, if any, spouse or partner) of his/her motivations, concerns, and expectations about an assignment involving long-term living and working in an unfamiliar environment.  This section is not 360°.

For important background information about SIRA's use, click here.

For details about purchasing SIRA, see below.

Purchasing Complete SIRA Services

SIRA is available only from GROVEWELL LLC. To obtain additional information, or to inquire about arranging for the use of this instrument, contact Dr. Cornelius Grove at +1-718-492-1896 or by using the Learn More button above.

The following fees apply worldwide; volume discounts are available.

  • $795 - For each employee and up to 12 of his/her 360° participants. Volume discounts available.
  • $695 - For each spouse/partner of a participating employee, plus his or her 360° participants.
  • $595 - Manual for HR and EAP professionals (one-time purchase), plus a phone consultation with assessment authority Dr. R. S. Mansfield.


SIRA is grounded in decades of intercultural and psychological research on “suitability for an assignment abroad.” These research findings are extensive, revealing, and consistent.

The most important and realistic contribution to be made by any expatriate assessment instrument is to identify individuals who, due to recurring behavioral characteristics, put themselves at risk of failure in interpersonal interactions with culturally different others.

When an at-risk person is identified, he or she should be strongly encouraged to either (1) reconsider accepting the global assignment, or (2) take specific steps to reduce and replace his/her interfering behaviors.

SIRA promotes and facilitates these outcomes beginning with the Feedback Report and continuing when the individual shares his or her results, in confidence, with an HR or EAP professional associated with his firm.

SIRA is not intended for use as the single determinant of selection for an assignment abroad.

The determinants of success or failure in an unfamiliar environment do not lie wholly within the individual, whether as knowledge, skill, or behavioral characteristics. Success is determined by a multiplicity of factors. Some are internal. More are external, not under the individual's control, subject to capricious changes, and impossible to assess in advance.

SIRA is intended to build self-awareness in relocation candidates and designees so that they can make wise decisions about whether to accept the assignment, and can prepare knowledgeably and effectively for it.