Our Vision for Global Leaders

GROVEWELL LLC closed on 31 December 2020. More information here.

GROVEWELL LLC supports a select group of forward-thinking global organizations in developing a cadre of leaders who Dare to Be WorldWise in thought and deed. These leaders are bold – exploring beyond what they already know to draw upon the best ideas and practices from the far reaches of their worldwide operations. These leaders are courageous – shepherding their organizations towards growth that is both global and sustainable while ensuring a legacy of a better planet for their children. With powerful yet humane and ethical guiding visions, these leaders embed prosperity and longevity throughout their organizations. They know that the bottom line isn’t the only line.

GROVEWELL's globe-spanning community of WorldWise trainers and executive coaches dares to guide those leaders there through our unique approach to leader development: Coaching for Global Advantage. Our people embody what we bring to our clients: respect for and learning from diverse ways of thinking and doing; cultural competence and resilience gained through long, varied global corporate careers; and the ability to work with both heart and mind at the level of values and beliefs – the level at which transformative change takes root.