EXECUTIVE COACHING Coaching for Global Advantage, GROVEWELL’s executive coaching approach, enables leaders to adapt and perform skillfully in the global arena. We give special attention to ways of building relationships with many different stakeholders, external and... READ MORE

EXPATRIATE TRAINING Cultural competency programs for new expats are wise investments because they reduce the inherent risk of sending high-value employees into a totally new work environment while merely hoping that they'll rapidly regain prior levels of performance... READ MORE

INTERCULTURAL CONSULTING Intercultural communication is about people who get involved with others with differing mindsets, values, and patterns of relationships. Today, much is known about the skills one needs to work productively with others who are culturally different... READ MORE

GLOBAL SOLUTIONS A key challenge facing corporations is the development of a strategy-based transformation in pursuit of global revenue growth. Global revenue growth, in turn, requires that the organization's managers learn to actually do things differently... READ MORE

GLOBAL COMPETENCY MODELING Thriving global businesses depend on the right leadership, organizational structures, work processes, and human capital systems. Most of all, they depend on competent human talent to achieve and sustain strategic targets. READ MORE

GLOBAL LEADERSHIP TRAINING GROVEWELL's global leadership training expands the repertoires of corporate global leaders. Our objective is to enable them to respond, intentionally and effectively, to a range of global challenges such as leadership, trust, and communication. READ MORE