Global Corporate Leader Coaching

Global Corporate Leader Coaching

If you could observe a GROVEWELL leadership coach working with a corporate leader, you'd think that you're witnessing typical leadership development or performance enhancement coaching.

In many ways GROVEWELL's Coaching for Global Advantage looks similar to other leadership coaching and executive coaching for corporate leaders.  But if you continued to observe, you’d conclude that our coaching is intentionally crafted to develop globally effective leaders.

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Coaching for Global Advantage was crafted with the needs of global executives in mind:

  • CGA's key objective is to build each coachee’s capacity to deliver intentionally sophisticated corporate leadership worldwide.
  • GROVEWELL’s coaches all have served in corporate global leadership roles, and almost all have lengthy experience living abroad.
  • Our coaches “culturally calibrate” their coaching to be flexibly applicable for business practices and values in the world region in which they are working.

It’s important to us that our brand of global leadership coaching is not merely a Made-in-the-USA approach that's simply distributed worldwide.


We learned that, if sustainable benefit to coachee and client is the goal, not merely seemingly efficient delivery, then coaching must be tailored to fit the local culture in content, process, and relationship.

The executives and managers we've coached report significant increases in their ability, joining with colleagues and counterparts from many different nations, to contribute to their company's bottom line. To visit our testimonials page, click here.
For nearly 30 years, GROVEWELL has delivered coaching specialized not only for corporate global leaders, but also for professional women [click here] and expatriate assignees [click here] on six continents.


  • GROVEWELL coaches are based in or near major business centers in 30 nations across six continents.
  • Clients arrange for our services by means of either a formal contracting processes or an informal agreement. We adapt to each client’s requirements.
  • We authorize coaching to begin after we receive verification that our invoices will be honored. Usually, we receive a Purchase Order number from our client.
  • In most cases, our coach travels to work face-to-face with the coachee in the latter’s office or home.
  • Our fees are by the hour (plus expenses, if any). Fees begin at USD $500 per hour.
  • The principal determinant of our fee is the hierarchical level of the coachee within our client’s organization.
  • For details, contact Cornelius Grove using the Learn More button, or phone +1-718-492-1896.